mardi 25 janvier 2022

AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine and Dassault Aviation prepare the UAE maintenance team for the 43rd WorldSkills competition

The United Arab Emirates asked Dassault Aviation to prepare their national team for the 43rd WorldSkills competition(1), in the aircraft maintenance category.

Being the benchmark campus in Europe for training in aircraft maintenance, AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine was tasked by Dassault Aviation with preparing the Emirian maintenance team. AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine is Dassault Aviation’s partner for all aviation training operations. The national aircraft maintenance expert who works with AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine is an employee at Dassault Aviation’s site in Istres.

The ceremony marking the end of the preparation course was held at AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine on Friday 13 March, in the presence of Mr. Jean-Jacques Gondallier, advisor to Dassault Aviation’s CEO, and Mr. Jérôme Verschave, General Manager of AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine. The Emirian team which completed the three-week course consisted of the lead competitor, a third-year student at the Al Ain International Aviation Academy, his substitute, a second-year student, and the UAE’s national aircraft maintenance expert employed at Etihad Airways.


(1) WorldSkills International Competitions gather every two years the best young professionals the world has to offer in one of WorldSkills International’s member countries. The competition is a showroom that gives a realistic and vivid image of what skills are and of their importance to today’s economy. Each of the 67 member countries of WorldSkills International can send competitors in the skills selected for the international contest. The WorldSkills Competitions aim to “promote a worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and high standards of competence make to the achievement of economic success and individual fulfilment” (WorldSkills International Constitution). The 2015 competition will take place in Brazil, and in 2017 it will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates under the aegis of the EmiratesSkills foundation led by Mr. Ali Al Mazrouqui.



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