French Touch : RTD will present VAB Mk3, and Sherpa light in MSPO Show (Poland)

Renault Trucks Defense and its two associated, well recognized brands, Panhard and ACMAT, include ranges with multirole vehicles designed for a full spectrum of missions: tactical and reconnaissance vehicles, Special Forces vehicles, support and liaison vehicles etc. These vehicles have a large interior volume/payload capacity, and offer protection against multiple threats, as well as all-terrain mobility.

Two vehicles will be showcased, the VAB MK3 and the Sherpa Light.

VAB Mk3 is part of the renewed medium armored range.

VAB Mark IIIisbased on the concept of the original VAB. This 20 t 6×6 medium armored vehicle is as rugged and reliable as its predecessor with far superior capabilities through the use of advanced protection and mobility technologies: increased power and payload (up to 4.7 t), larger internal volume, better tactical situational awareness, reinforced protection (ballistic kit up to NATO level 4 + anti-blast and IED kits).

VAB Mark III is ideally suited for combat and riot-control missions with the ability to transport up to 2+10 soldiers.

VAB Mk3 has amphibious capabilities which have already drawn the interest of the Polish forces.

SHERPA LIGHT is available in five variants and multiple configurations from 8 to 11 tons on the same 4X4 chassis. The range has been specifically designed to provide excellent payload and protection capabilities without degrading tactical mobility. Customized variants for Special Forces and Internal security Forces have been developed for their most demanding missions.

The SHERPA LIGHT SCOUT which will be showcased in Kielce is available in unarmored and armored variants. It is ideally suited for tactical missions such as scouting, patrol, convoy escort and command liaison. It is able to transport up to 4 or 5 soldiers and a roof-mounted weapon system.

Sherpa Light
Pictures : VAB MK3 and Sherpa Light. Copyright : Stéphane Gaudin / Theatrum Belli


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